Coaching Success Stories

“For more than 2 years, I suffered from migraines. My life was on hold for 3 to 4 days a month, not counting the immense fatigue resulting from those 3 days.

After multiple doctors’ consultations, I tried many different medications that helped me get up and go to work. After 2 years my body said it was enough. I had tried to work so hard at masking the symptoms instead of looking deeper.

During our first consultation, Isabelle immediately tried to get to know and understand the way I lived my life, ate and what I liked. She gave me right away advice regarding the things I could change in the way I eat. I decided I had enough and was ready to try it right away thinking it could not get any worse.

I was amazed to see than even after 24 hours I could feel something shifting. The fog went away, the veil I thought I was wearing lifted!! For 3 months, I followed Isabelle’s directions to the T and Isabelle was really present and always listening. She always explained WHY she was suggesting something and how it would affect my body.

I feel better every day, I have so much more energy, I don’t lose my hair anymore, my nails are much stronger and I even went back to the gym!

Thanks to working with Isabelle and doing acupuncture, I have learned to listen to my body and to respect it better. I am happy to say that after 3 months I was migraine free!”

Carole Pascal
Health Coaching for Migraines

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“I have always been an emotional eater and fighting cravings was always what made me fall off the wagon and not being able to get back on. Being so big, I felt ashamed of myself and one day my path crossed Isabelle’s.

Being on the bigger side as well, I immediately felt a connection with her and we decided to meet for a health history consultation. She was really thorough in her questions and gave me great insight!

We worked together on a meal plan, readjusting my favorite recipes and family recipes. She taught me EFT and we did some life coaching exercises to learn who I was and who I wanted to be! After 3 months, I had lost more than 20 pounds and was on the road to recovery!

Meeting her changed my life, I could never thank her enough. Hiring a coach is very empowering. She taught me how we create our life and I was the only one making the choices I made.”

Emmanuelle H.
Life Coaching for Weight Loss

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“Isabelle helped me better manage a friendship and taught me how to tell my family I loved them! Her listening skills, her kindness and her advice has helped me better my relationships. She is a beautiful person. I am happy to know her.”

Marika Pech
Life Coaching for Relationships

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“Isabelle is a very warm person and I always felt like hugging her when leaving!”


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“Isabelle has helped me a great deal change the way I eat to better recuperate after breast cancer surgery. I feel amazing and I am so glad I met her!”

Health Coaching after Cancer Surgery

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