Life Coaching

What is life coaching? Is life coaching for you? Would you like to feel empowered? More successful?

Life Coaching, an alliance between you and me

I can help you revisit your values, find your best strengths and teach you how to use them better. I will help you focus, and connect your head and your heart.

Together we can do a life scan and decide where to start. I can serve as your GPS system and help you find clarity and direction. Together we can rewrite your story by finding the answers you have in you. Let’s help you find joy and gratitude in all that you do!

I can show you how Positive Psychology can better your life and improve relations with yourself, your family and your peers!
Life coaching is not therapy and you are the boss!  It is an alliance between the life coach and the client and it gives all the power back to you!

You choose and take charge of your life, I am just here to help you succeed and see your full potential!

I believe you hold all the answers and by asking you the right questions and using different tools and techniques, you will find them!

Believe you can and you are half way there” – Theodore Roosevelt 

Life Coaching is great for

    • stress management
    • relationships
    • time management
    • lifestyle and self-care
    • weight loss         
    • change of careers
    • overwhelming life
    • find a healthy and productive energy

“Saying yes to happiness means learning to say no to the things and people that stress you out” – Thema Davis


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